BC PNP International Graduate
About the Program This program is for international students who have graduated from an eligible Canadian university or college in the past three years. Applicants are required to have a job offer from an eligible employer of the province to apply under this category for the provincial nomination.
Education Applicant must have degree, diploma or certificate from an eligible post-secondary institution in Canada. You must submit your registration to the BC PNP within three years of the date shown on your official transcript indicating that you have completed all requirements of the degree or diploma program.
Experience A job offer for a full-time, indeterminate position that typically requires a university or college education at a wage that meets industry standards.
Language If you are working in a Skill Level B occupation, you must submit valid language test results showing you have obtained a minimum score equal to or greater than a benchmark 4 under the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) in all four competencies: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Funds requirements :

Evidence that you meet minimum income requirements You must demonstrate that you meet minimum income requirements according to your:

  • • annual wage in B.C.
  • • location of residence in B.C.
  • • number of dependants
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