Entrepreneur Immigration Strategic Projects
About the ProgramThe B.C. Entrepreneur Immigration – Strategic Projects stream assists foreign-controlled companies establishing an eligible business in BC with the timely entry of foreign key managerial, professional or technical staff who intend to become permanent residents of Canada and settle in B.C.
Eligibility Requirements for Companies
  • • Make a minimum equity investment of $500,000.
  • • Create at least three new jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents for each foreign key staff member proposed (to a maximum of five key staff).
  • • Establish or purchase and expand a company in BC.
The Application Process
  • 1. Exploratory visit to BC
  • 2. Discuss proposal with BC PNP officials and register the company’s interest to apply
  • 3. Apply
  • 4. If approved, the company signs a Performance Agreement with BC. A work permit support letter is issued to each key staff member so they can apply for a two-year work permit from IRCC.
  • 5. After the work permit is complete, if the company has met the terms and conditions of the Performance Agreement, the key staff members will be nominated for permanent residency.
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